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Note: All NASCAR 2 car files will work in NASCAR 1999.
NASCAR 1999 users - install to your \sierra\nr1999\cars directory
NASCAR 2 users - install to your \sierra\nascar2\cars directory

1991 BTCC Carset for N2/N99 TPTCC Mod
1991 British Touring Car set This carset is designed for use with the Pits TPTCC mod for Nascar Racing 2 or Nascar Racing 1999. 12/31/99

Latemodels Carset
Latemodels Carset This carset contains 29 cars and is based on legendary East Coast modified drivers. Most of these "Kings of the Short Tracks" have since retired, and a few are running laps on that track in the sky. The carset is a tribute to the local East Coast racers who ran many a Friday and Saturday night, long ago. 9/21/99

NROS Carset
NROS Carset This carset is specially designed for use online with NROS. We have used a number of Winston Cup and BGN cars to create a set of familiar cars that have the correct NROS car numbering. All of the cars are light-colored, making them ideal for night races. 3/3/98


The following people are not affiliated with the IWCCCARS Project, but their work is represented in our NASCAR Racing 2 cars.

Brian Fox, Tim Farley

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