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Welcome to the IWCCCARS ICR2/CART carsets page!

All carsets sets on this page have been created for use with the Indycar Racing 2 game by Papyrus. Indycar Racing 2 was a significant upgrade from the original Papyrus release. Compared to the original Indycar Racing, ICR2 incorporated 3d accelerated (Rendition) high-resolution graphics, upgraded opponent AI and a modified car model.

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All car files are saved as .zip files.  You will need the WinZip program to unzip these files.  If you don't have a zip utility, you can download a shareware version of WinZip.  Versions are available for Windows 3.1, 95, 98 and NT users.

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CART Carsets

IRL Carsets

Indy Lights Carsets

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CART carsets

CART 2K - The Reynard Project
A new 2000 CART carset using using Robert Szikszo's Reynard carshape for ICR2. This is the creation of a team of painters and contains many new features, like a 13-part pace car (BMW M3) with it's own set of wheels (no more race car wheels on the pacer) and a folder with extra 3do's and batch files to customize the cars. The set contains 35 new cars comprised of 33 opponents, the new pace car, and the player's car.

CART '00 - James Cawthorne
A new 2000 CART carset using the original ICR2 car body shape. The carset contains the 25 Homestead cars plus Bryan Herta's Panasonic car. It also contains an accurate performance file for the ovals.

CART 2000 - Tom Smith
A great new carset from Tom, made using The Sim Project's modified body shape. This 2000 season CART FedEx carset includes the 25 starters from Homestead, and 7 fictional cars to round out the full field of 32 cars.

CART 1999 - Earl Ma
Earl does it again! Better late than never, here is his latest masterpiece - the 1999 CART FedEx carset.

FedEx 1999 - Jeff Mckeand
Jeff's 99 CART FedEx set as of Long Beach.  More of Jeff's great work can be found at Cart Racing Carsets!

CART 1998 - Earl Ma
Earl's back and it was worth the wait!  Rover Jackson return's for 98 with a great carset.  By one of the original masters of the ICR2 paint kit.  Check for updates at The Unions ICR2 page.

FedEx v 1.06 - Jeff McKeand
This is Jeff's 1998 carset.  It gets our vote as "Best of the year"!

CART 98 - Jeff Speck
Jeff's early season edition of the 1998 CART season.  Great work!

1998 CART - Jeff Schueler
Jeff Schueler's great carset depicting the 1998 Champ Car season!

Hanford Device - Scott Perfetti
Carset that uses Jeff McKeands FedEx set to simulate the Hanford Device used at Michigan and California.  Includes some special track files.

1997 CART - Earl Ma
Earl's at it again with his rendition of the 1997 CART carset.  This is a keeper!

1996 CART - Earl Ma
Another fine carset by Earl, covering the cars of the 1996 CART championship season.

1995 CART - Earl Ma
The complete carset for the 1995 Indycar season is still available - the first complete set online with all original fake drivers removed, and widely acknowledged by many users as graphically the best car set anywhere for ICR2.

1995 Indy 500 - Earl Ma
Earl's done a great job on this Indy 500 carset.  You won't be dissapointed in the detail and quality of his work.

1995 CART - Oliver Karaula
Oliver has done a great job recreating an accurate 1995 carset, instead of the sleeper the sim came with.  Very well done!

1994 CART - Scott Steiner
Scott wanted to pick an original idea and use a season that wasn't represented in current form.  Lot's of great info on the 94 season included as well.

1992 Indy 500 - Tom Smith
Miss the CART boys at Indy?  Tom has recreated the 1992 field for us!

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Indy Lights Carsets

1999 Indy Lights - Jared Thompson
Jared has contributed this years Indy Lights carset.  Includes all 19 cars from the season opener at Long Beach.

1998 Indy Lights - Jeff Schueler
Jeff does it again with his 1998 Indy Lights carset!

1997 Indy Lights - Jeff Schueler
Jeff's original Indy Lights carset from 1997.

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IRL Carsets

2001 Indy 500 - Brent Blackburn
Brett wishes to thank John Froehlich, Roger Nebelsick and T-Jay Harris, whose work on the "Indy2K" carset inspired this set. The carshape by Tjerk de Heer used in their set was also utilized for this set.

2000 IRL - John Froehlich, Roger Nebelsick, T-Jay Harris
Both this 2000 season set and the 2000 Indy 500 set below consist of 40 cars, so you will need to have the 40 car-patch capability to view every car. These sets are also based off of the IRL2k body style by Tjerk de Heer. Another add-on to the cars is the 3d wheels that were originally found on Robert Szikszo's Cart champ car sets.

84th Indy 500

2000 Indy 500 - John Froehlich, Roger Nebelsick, T-Jay Harris
Another fine recreation by John, Roger and TJ - The running of the 84th Indianapolis 500-mile race!

1999 Indy 500 - Steve Kilsdonk
Steve's back with his version of this year's Indy 500 carset.

1999 Indy Racing League - Jeff Scheuler
Jeff returns for 1999 with this IRL set.  Based on the opening race at Orlando.

1998 Indy 500 - Steve Kilsdonk
Steve's done it again!  Here's his version of this year's Indy 500 carset.  This set uses the Setop11 utility to race against a full field of 40 cars.  Find it on the CART/Icr2 utility section at the Pits.

1998 Indy Racing League - Steve Kilsdonk
Steve's done a great job with his own new car shape and some great painting of this years IRL cars.  This set uses the Setop11 utility to race a full field of 40 cars.  Find it on the ICR2 utility section of the Pits.  This set also includes a car update for the Indy 500 carset.

1998 Indy Racing League - Jeff Schueler
Don't look away, while you did Jeff's done it again!  IRL '98 is based on last year's set by Marcelo Bassino and friends and updates to the current season.

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1996 Indy 500 - Roger Nebelsick
Roger's done a fabulous job with the 80th Indy 500 starting grid!

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