GA v1.0 - Gilles Benoit with AJShoe, Wardog, Speed12 & The Pits
The 1960s Indy cars...a whole breed apart when it comes to racing a car with no downforce, slippery tires around a vintage circuit. Gilles and team has done an excellent job at recreating these steeds of old [80 M]

  • Patch for Indy track by Racer Alex - install these files after Indy track (see below) has been installed.


    TPSCC v3.0 - The Pits
    The stockcars of today ride in rFactor. Super-realistic physics, highly-detailed models make this the best stockcar mod out there. Includes older-styled stock car, modern "car-of-tomorrow" and late-models [284 M]

    Setups and Setup guides

  • Setup Guide
  • 560 Setups


  • Templates for all cars - 2006


    NAGT v1.4 - The Pits
    Major updates to NAGT. Addition of a new car, many performance, graphical and model updates. Cars in the installer are lo-res, for hi-res cars, grab the carset (below). [253 M]

  • templates for v1.4 cars - [41 M]
  • SpeedWorld Challenge Carset - 50 original hi-res cars from v1.0 (68 meg)
  • Extra cars (2008 Bullrun & TPTCC drivers) - 72 hi-res cars (82 meg)
  • 2009 Bullrun 1000 Carset - 33 hi-res cars (51 meg)
  • 2009 TPTCC Carset - 50 hi-res cars (52 meg)
  • 2009 TPTCC Carset - 50 lo-res cars (18 meg)


    Bullrun v2.6 - The Pits
    The original classic roadcourse from 1997...Gilles puts his expertise into another excellent track, the completely rebuilt Bullrun track originally built by Papyrus. Version 2.6 was built just for the Bullrun 1000, complete with snow for the November race [60 M]

    Botniaring v1.01 - Jka
    Jka put together a very nice version of this track in Finland. [20 M]

    Trois-Rivieres v1.0 - Gilles Benoit
    Probably one of the most realistic and graphically complete tracks in any racing sim to date. This track has been intensely researched and even has physically complete manhole covers in the track surface! [30 M]

  • Fixes for Trois [95 K]

    TPSCC Tracks - The Pits
    TPSCC-specific tracks that have been taylored to the mod.

  • Arizona - v2.0
  • Blue Ridge - v2.0
  • Bristol JE - v2.0
  • BRSuperSpeedway (Alabama) - v2.0
  • Concord - v2.0 (includes NAGT track)
  • Delaware - v2.0
  • Fontana - v2.0
  • Ft. Worth - v2.0
  • Georgia - v2.0
  • Illinois - v2.0
  • Indianapolis - by RacerAlex, v1.0
  • JaxBR (Florida) - v2.0
  • Kansas City - v2.0
  • Loudon - v2.0
  • MichJE - v2.0
  • Pennsylvania - v2.0
  • Sonoma - v2.0 (includes NAGT lights & updates)
  • South Carolina - v2.0
  • SouthDade - v2.0
  • Watkins Glen - by Jason Shomper, v2.1
  • VegasBR - v2.0
  • Virginia - v2.0


    Vehicle Viewer v1.1b - David Noonan
    This tool allows you to open and view rFactor vehicles. [.6 M]

    dds converter - unknown
    This tool will allow you to open and save DDS files, even if you don't have another program. [11 M]


    Mustang GT - Scott 'Tigger' Stockton
    We decided to release this vehicle as a standalone. [10 M]

    The Pits Motorsports Hammers - Cynical Saint
    Hammers with a decidedly "Pits" theme to them... [2 M]

    The Pits Motorsports Howstons - Cynical Saint
    Howstons with a decidedly "Pits" theme to them... [9 M]

    The Pits test template - The Pits
    This template will show you how to create a car with a new team and information. Read the readme for the full info. [.7 M]

  • 2006 the pits