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We have included this section to answer your questions concerning our car sets. Please remember that this site is not affiliated with Sierra Online or Papyrus Design Group in any way -- as such, please limit your questions to IWCCCARS-related topics.

The IWCCCARS Project's Frequently Asked Questions

Questions Concerning Zip Files

All of our 1999 and later carsets are in a zipped format. If you don't have a zip utility, you can download the shareware version of Winzip, versions are available for Windows 3.1, 95, 98 and NT users.

Q: How do I install your zip file cars in my NASCAR game?

A: First of all, you must have the WinZip utility installed. Once you have downloaded the zip file, you simply double click on the zip file, and the WinZip utility will appear. Click next, you will then see the option to "Select different folder...", click on it. You can simply type in the destination in the "Select Folder" box as one of the directories below, assuming you have installed the game on your C drive:

N2 - C:\Sierra\NASCAR2\cars
N99 - C:\Sierra\NASCAR99\cars
N3 - C:\Papyrus\NASCAR3\cars
NL - C:\Papyrus\NLegends\cars

Or you find it in the "Folders and disk drives:", by clicking on the + in the box beside the (C:). Then, click on the + for either Sierra (for N2\N99), or Papyrus (for N3 or NL). Then click on the + for either Nascar2, Nascar99, Nascar3, NLegends, then click on the cars file. After following any of the procedures above, then click on OK. And, that will load the cars into the game.

Questions Concerning NASCAR 99
Q: Will your cars work in NASCAR Racing 1999?

A: Yes. All NASCAR 2 car files will work in NASCAR 1999. Please follow the download and unzipping instructions on either the updates or winston cup pages. Any car files that are specific only to NASCAR 1999 will be marked with the NASCAR 1999 logo (as seen above).

Questions Concerning NASCAR 2
Q: Why don't you have carsets for NASCAR 2 anymore?

A: NASCAR 2 no longer uses carsets. Instead it uses a list of drivers (128 maximum) from which up to 39 can be assigned to an Entry List (96SEASON for example). You can then use these Entry Lists to have different combinations of drivers for your races.

Q: How do I load your cars into NASCAR 2?

A: All 1999 season cars are saved as zip files. You will need an unzip utility to download and install the files. Please follow the download and unzipping instructions on either the updates or winston cup pages. The 1998 season and older car sets are saved as exe files. Just run the saved EXE files to start the self-extracting process. Follow the on-screen instructions, editing the path to point to your Nascar2\cars folder (where ever that may be). You should then see the new drivers on the left-hand list in the Driver Info screen.

Q: Which car do I drive, and how do I go about driving a different one?

A: You always drive the first car listed in the Entry List. To change this car, either start a new list with a different car at the top, or import a new PCX for your car.

Q: I'm a Chevy man, how do I change the make of my car?

A: In the Driver Info screen next to the picture of your car, you will see the manufacturer's logo. Clicking on this will toggle between the big three.

Q: I don't like my car, how do I import a new PCX to NASCAR 2?

A: Just like with exporting, the program looks for PCX files in the NASCAR 2 folder under filenames that start with X, followed by the first initial of the driver, underscore, and then the first 5 letters of the last name. The player's car is imported from 'XT_PLAYE.PCX'. You can load this PCX from the NASCAR 2 folder from the Detail Shop by pressing the 'Import' button (not 'Load PCX' from the main Driver Info screen, that is for the driver pictures).

Q: Do you have any good tips for painting my own car?

A: Try using on of our templates as a starting point. You can do the best work outside of NASCAR 2's Detail Shop. Most of us prefer to use Paint Shop Pro.

Q: Can I still change the Detail Shop's lame decals like in NASCAR 1?


A: Yes, but it takes a bit more work. First off, you'll need to be comfortable modifying one of the game's data files. Remember to always make a backup! NASCAR 2 stores many of its files in compressed DAT files. To edit the decals, you'll need a program to extract the files from the layout.dat in your Nascar2\layout folder. I use Corey Rueckheim's Pack.exe and Unpack.exe, you can find it here (The file is called trpckv10.zip). Follow the included instructions to unpack the layout.dat file. Among the 500+ files, you'll see one named decal.pcx. Open this in Paint Shop Pro or a similar program, make whatever changes you'd like, and save the changes. Did you remember to make a backup just in case? You can then repack all the files into an updated layout.pcx.

Q: Your cars are great, how about painting one for me?

A: Unfortunately we can't. We don't have the time to take requests for individual cars, sorry.

Q: Is there any way I can still use my cars from NASCAR 1?

A: There's no simple way to do this. The size and shape of the body panels changed from NASCAR 1 to NASCAR 2. While it's possible to lift the graphics off a NASCAR 1 car and paste them on a NASCAR 2 car using a paint program, it is very time consuming and the car usually ends up not looking very good.

Q: When I import a file, I get the error message "Palette Corrupt". How do I get around this problem?

A: Export a car from NASCAR 2. Copy just the car image of your new car, but not the surrounding magenta or the color bar at the bottom. Paste in place of the car from the freshly exported car image. Now save the file back under the desired filename. You may have to adjust the body panel colors again. It's a good idea to keep a safe copy of your original car around for just this purpose. Export it from NASCAR 2 and rename it for safe keeping.

Q: How do I get my driver picture into NASCAR 2?

A: See the readme.txt that was included in your NASCAR 2 folder.

Questions Concerning NASCAR 1
Q: How do I load your carsets into NASCAR 1?

A: Just run the saved EXE files to start the self-extracting process. Follow the on-screen instructions, editing the path to point to a sub-folder of your Nascar\cars folder (where ever that may be) that matches the name of the carset you're installing. The files for the Cars96 set need to be extracted to Nascar\cars\cars96. You should then be able to select the new carset from the Driver Info screen.

Q: How do I change the Number of the car I drive?

A: You'll need to edit the drivers2.txt file of the carset you're currently using. Just open it with a text editor (Windows Notepad will work). The first number after 'DINFO' on the line with your name is your car's number. Change it to whatever number you want to use, and save the file.

Q: Ok, I've got the carset loaded but now I get an error: 'Can't Load Garage'. How do I fix it?

A: Your most likely using the European version of Nascar, which can't directly use our carsets. You must first use a converter to make these sets compatible with that version of Nascar. You'll find the link to the conversion program on the NASCAR 1 carsets page.

Q: How do I import new PCX files (like the Promo's) into the carsets?

A: First go into Paintkit and export the PCX of the car you want to replace. Exit and look for the exported PCX in your NASCAR folder, noting the filename. Rename the PCX you want to import to match and move it into your NASCAR folder, over-writing the copy you just exported. You can now go back into paintkit and import this renamed PCX for the car you want to update.

If you've read over our Frequently Asked Questions and still can't find an answer, feel free to contact us by e-mail. Our address is: iwcccars@mchsi.com

Please do not ask when a particular car or carset will be done. We don't really schedule cars, they get done when someone has the time and the inclination to work on them. Please bear in mind that this is an all volunteer effort.

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