How can I contribute to IWCCCARS?


Since the Project was formed in 1994, we have received many generous offers for contributions. As of this writing, we receive dozens of contributions each month. The sad fact of the matter is that most of them are rejected. By reading carefully, you can better ensure that your work is accepted.

RULE #1: We do not publish fantasy cars. Every car on the site represents an actual race car in a real racing series. All other cars will be rejected, no exceptions.

RULE #2: We accept only original works. This has been a problem in the past, so we no longer accept work unless it is submitted by the original author. Also, please use our Car Templates when creating your artwork for submission to IWCCCARS. These templates have been posted for your personal use and contributions only. Alot of time and effort goes into our work, and we ask that you support No Piracy. Please do not post these templates elsewhere in whole or part, or use these templates to create cars to be posted on other websites without our permission.

RULE #3: Your work may be modified. We have access to scanned logos, numbers and decal sheets and will do everything we can to make sure the car looks as realistic as possible.

RULE #4: Limited publicity for your contribution. You'll notice that we don't give individual credit for cars. It's not unusual for several team members to have a hand in designing a car, and we prefer the team concept. We will give you a credit on the car page as having made a contribution to the site.

RULE #5: We do not copyright our work. Since we are working with logos and paint schemes that are licensed by race teams, neither we nor anyone else can legally extend a copyright over car sets. This means that people can (and do) download our car sets, alter them, and upload them elsewhere as their work. If this bothers you, please do not fill out a form.

NOTE: IWCCCARS does not accept monetary contributions. We ask instead that you donate the money you would give us to a charity of your choice.

Notice: By completing this form, you signify that you understand and accept the terms of contribution to the IWCCCARS Project. You will assume complete responsibility for the submitted design. The IWCCCARS Project is not liable for stolen, miscredited, or pirated designs.